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Getting your head above the crowd

The first place people turn to when they need to find something is a search engine. Search engines and directories can be powerful tools for consumers, but they will only help people find your site if it has been individually submitted to that engine or directory and properly programmed for indexing.

Our submission process is completed manually using Google Web Tools and Google Analytics. WebDataBases methods depending on the site content, purpose, and is strictly within current submission guidelines provided by search engine companies. We do not indulge in 'black hat' techniques or farm it out to overseas companies! We've had proven success using best pracrice techniques.

No company can guarantee you top search engine placement in every engine and directory, there are just too many websites and searching factors involved. However, WebDataBases is familiar with the policies of the most popular search engines and we know the techniques that grab the attention of search engine spiders (web bots programmed to scan a site and categorize it automatically within the index). A potential customer who does not know you exist when he starts browsing should have no trouble finding you if your site has been properly designed and submitted to their favourite search engine and they use the key words you've asked us to index.

There's nothing magical or complex about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) it just takes time to study what each engine and directory wants you to do, and we are here to help save you that time.

Online Marketing

In addition we can organise your Google Adwords campaign to get the most out of your pay per click subscription - contact us for more information on this fast paced option.