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Your contacts quickly at your fingertips!

What is QuickContacts?

QuickContacts is a powerful and versatile new CRM software application that seamlessly manages your client/contact database without complication. The system can be run locally or via the Internet as the Online Edition.

Features include:

Who is it for?

Designed for any number of users QuickContacts can be adapted to suit your area of business. Whether you're a service sector, retailer, sales or not for profit organisation you'll benefit from increased productivity through more efficient communication between your business and its contacts.

How does it work?

By using your existing data or starting from scratch your contacts are entered into a powerful interactive database. You and your staff can then begin tracking the companys business activities in a task orientated environment in real time. Advanced search features allow information to be available at your fingertips which can be shared selectively within your company. Features such as user defined pick lists adds flexibility making it possible to respond to trends quickly without the need for IT support. Alerts keep you aware of important appointments.

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Try QuickContacts

Login to our demonstration site to get a feel for how easy contact management can integrate with your workflow.

Remember, bespoke features can be added to suit your requirements - just call for full details!