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Mobile Sales Manager

The all in one sales solution!

Mobile Sales Manager is a modular standalone sales solution designed for use by sales staff working in the field.

Customer and sales information are directly input into a mobile phone and uploaded to head office by either a conventional telephone line or mobile phone via infra red or wireless link. A sales receipt can be issued to the customer using a portable printer. The software is based around an interactive database run from a moble phone a tenth the size of a laptop.

Benefits: -

Contact Management Module

The Contact Management Module organises your clients and respective contacts information.

This includes all contact details, account type, and any other information pertinent to your sales process.

Quick Contacts screen grabQuick Contacts

Information is collected using intuitive forms adapted for your companies needs

A dedicated search engine makes it easy to locate your clients and their respective contacts

Sales Order Module

For companies involved in retailing this module enables the sales representative to create and manage orders for clients in a simplified and efficient way.

The order information is entered directly into the pocket PC during the time of visiting the client. This enables it to be uploaded directly to the head office computer system via a land line or mobile phone.

software screen grabsoftware screen grab

Orders can be easily edited to apply any changes

A signed hard copy of the order can be left with the customer via a portable printer. The benefit to the user and client are in time saved in filling in paper work sending documents through the post.

Portable Printer