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Internet Security

Keeping You Safe From Intruders

Only you know the importance of the data your company keeps. Much of it has probably been accumulated by many years hard work put in by yourself and your staff and is unique to your business. Some of this information may be commercially sensitive or in the case of personnel records covered by the Data Protection Act. As we all become almost totally reliant on digitally stored knowledge, concerns over computer hacking and information mis-use are highlighted daily by the media. WebDataBases can assess your security risks and advise on ways of minimising compromises in security.

Firewall Your Network

A firewall is a security device or program that seperates two or more networks. Firewalls prevent unauthorised access to an internal network (your network) from an external network (the internet), but also allows internal users access external resources.

When connected to the Internet your systems are vulnerable to attack - malicious or otherwise - from hackers and intruders. How they gain access can vary.


Attacks you should protect your systems from:


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